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OneVision Healthcare

OneVision for Networking Healthcare Tech Organizations Worldwide

Many (international) healthcare technology startups and established companies see great value and opportunity in entering the German speaking (DACH) and greater European market. Most, however, have little or no experience with the complexity of this market and therefore make avoidable mistakes and struggle to establish a successful foothold with their product or portfolio.

These organizations generally need to set up local business to enter the market, establish new business relationships and sell their products.  They will also need to perform market analysis to identify market fit. It is important for them to build their network for brand recognition. To further build brand recognition and confidence in their offering, new customers need to be convinced and demos may need to be done. Solutions may also need to be installed for trials, proof of concepts, evaluation, etc. Market adequate pricing needs to be evaluated and vetted. The products can have long cumbersome sales cycles. And, finally, the solutions need to be maintained and supported.

In addition, without hiring new personnel, new entrants will find it difficult to identify new business opportunities, competitors and/or potential M&A targets.

Last but not least, most new entrants do not have the expertise and/or network if/when they want to access European funding, apply for public procurement and tenders or if they want to raise Venture Capital, Private Equity or access specialized Venture Debt providers.

OneVision Healthcare closes these gaps and offers a unique portfolio of value-added services to organizations planning to enter und sustain in the German speaking and broader European market.

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