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About Our Business

Our Key Areas of Focus

Assisting healthcare technology startups and established companies planning on entering the German speaking (DACH) and greater European market through our expansive network, expertise and know-how.


Providing expertise to European Healthcare Tech companies by facilitating international partnering opportunities and assist with market entry in international markets, especially North America.

Managing projects and healthcare initiatives through our world class Healthcare IT specific Project Management expertise and methods.


Creating synergies for technical and clinical support for Healthcare Tech organizations in Germany.

What we do...

Although just recently founded in 2020, we offer a very large and deep network in the German and European Healthcare Market.


We have a professional team of dedicated healthcare-organization-oriented project managers, with keen understanding of managing healthcare initiatives.

With decades of experience in Healthcare tenders in Europe, particular in Germany, we are knowledgeable in the EU tendering process and public procurement law, we are happy to assist in your tendering needs.

The European healthcare market is very regulated, especially for data privacy and medical device regulations. We understand the difficulties of foreign organizations trying to establish themselves. With know-how and our partners we can help you maneuver EU Regulations and GDPR.

We understand what it takes to sustain in such a diverse market. If you are looking to invest in the right companies and products, we offer due diligence with in-depth market knowledge for investors. Or if you are trying to find the right investors for your organization, we offer VC and investor matching for startups.