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Exceeding Your Expectations

Market Analysis

Market Entry Consulting

Identify Product to Market Fit

Operational and Organizational Setup
    Assist organizational setup in German speaking regions
    Provide legal representation for registry
    Interim management for healthcare organizations
    Professional translation services (all languages)
    Assist with legal services (e.g. contracts, company registration, etc.)
    Office setup and professional market-oriented back office services

    Provide business network opportunities
    Enable partnership building
    Build business relationships

Investor relations
    Investor and Venture capitalist partnering
    Investment due diligence
    Potential investment into companies

Value Added Distribution Partner

Achieve Your Goals

Sales Support
    Open doors to potential buyers
    Provide demos of product
    Active sales and distribution
    Back office assistance for sales activities
    Provisioning of CRM System

Maintenance and Support
    1st and 2nd level support
    3rd level support (if properly trained)
    Provisioning of Ticketing System

Professional Services
    Product installations and integrations
    Professional market-oriented consulting 
    Project management for healthcare organizations
    Provisioning of Project Management System

Business Partners at Work
Business consultant presenting services

Value Added Services

Expert Guidance

For Healthcare Organizations

    Dedicated Project Management for internal projects

    PMO and Project Management back office

    Clinical Risk Management

    Procurement of Medical IT and Equipment

For Industry Partners

    Testing and feedback for products

    Integration testing for use cases and workflows

    Training of personnel 

    Product show case workshops with key market opinion leaders

For Tenders and Grants

    Facilitating and enabling EU grants and funding (for healthcare)

    Managing EU funded Projects

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